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How can a tank monitoring device benefit you?

Running out of oil at home, whether it be in the middle of the winter or any time throughout the year, is a frustrating and inconvenient problem which could be costly.

Ensuring that your heating oil tank is sufficiently filled is overlooked by many homeowners: a task which, if it’s not done regularly, can sometimes leave you unable to heat the house because the tank is out of oil.

The technology for oil monitoring devices has evolved and is continuing to do so, in the hope that users can enjoy the best possible convenience and total peace of mind, without fear of their tanks running dry.

A tank monitoring device is an innovative electronic measuring gauge, which notifies the oil supplier when a customer needs a refill, and tells the customer the level of oil remaining

This latest technology is suitable for both steel and plastic tanks and has GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) capabilities, so your heating oil provider can arrange a delivery at the most convenient time to you.

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