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If you’re new to domestic heating oil, you might like to familiarise yourself with your heating oil tank, including:

  •  which type of domestic heating oil you use
  •  the capacity of your heating oil tank
  •  where the gauge is on your heating oil tank
  •  if your tank has been inspected in the last 12 months by an OFTEC Registered Technician
  •  the material your heating oil tank is made from – it could be steel or plastic
  •  if your heating oil tank needs to be bunded (have secondary containment)
  •  if the base of your oil storage tank is properly supported

More Useful Information on Domestic Heating Oil Tanks

A useful guide to looking after a domestic heating oil tank and avoiding pollution from your fuel oil is produced by OFTEC, the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers and the Environment Agency. It covers a variety of areas including the types of oil tank available, fittings, regulations, security, tank maintenance and health & safety. Please follow the links below to find out more.


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