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A Premium Domestic Heating Oil

Glowmax contains an additive that stabilises the fuel, keeping it fresher for longer. Developed to help protect your whole heating system, it is a cleaner burning fuel. It also reduces carbon and sludge build-up which, in turn, helps to improve the overall efficiency of the boiler.

Glowmax is specially developed to improve your cooker’s performance and has been successfully trialled and tested by AGA.

Regular use of Glowmax can reduce the chances of problems in both your cooker and boiler, ensuring that they are running smoothly  when needed most and helping you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing noxious emissions. Better still, no modifications are necessary to your tank or boiler, so try Glowmax today!

Key Benefits of Glowmax

 Reduces the risk of a breakdown

• Lowers boiler maintenance costs

• Reduces sludge formation

• Can reduce CO² emissions

Glowmax may not be available in all regions. To order or for further information please call 0345 600 4040

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