Butler Fuels have been delivering heating oil for your home, plus gas oil and diesel for your business since 1943


At Butler Fuels, we make every effort to treat our customers’ properties like our own, from closing the garden gate to staying off the lawn. What’s more, our commitment to staff and driver training means that we always observe strict training standards when delivering your heating oil.

Delivery Instructions

When you place your order for heating oil, please let us know if you have any special delivery instructions so we can deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, perhaps you keep your heating oil storage tank locked or maybe it could be confused with a neighbour’s.

It would also help our drivers if you could ensure your driveway is clear and pets are kept safely indoors on the day of the delivery.

Delivery Times

Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm.

As long as our drivers are given easy access to your tank then we can deliver your oil without you needing to be there during these times – we’ll simply leave you the delivery ticket (and we’ll make sure we close the gate when we’re done).

Place Your Domestic Heating Oil Order

To place an order or to get a Home Heating quote please contact your Butler Fuels sales centre
on 0345 600 4040

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